Traditional Food Quality Certification

What is the Traditional Food
Quality Certification?

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs

The Korean government(The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs) gives the Korean Traditional Food Quality Certification Mark that guarantees/manages the quality to the excellent traditional food with its own taste, form, and color, made of Korean agricultural & marine products through the process of manufacturing, processing, and cooking.

Procedures of
Traditional food Quality Certification

Screening methods
(The factory screening and product screening are separately performed.)

  • Factory screening

    The screening is under the standard of each relevant item regarding total 30 evaluation matters of ten factory screening evaluation items based on the management results for last six months.

  • Product screening

    During the factory screening, the examiner collects a sample following the standard of the relevant item with the applicant or his/her agent in attendance, and then requests the product screening to the Korea Food Research Institute.

Item of screening / Major requirements for evaluation

  • 1Location of factory : Surrounding environment, building structure, transportation condition, vehicle access road, and etc.
  • 2Workplace : The matter of separating/dividing the workplace in each purpose for the prevention of cross-contamination, structure of wall and floor in workplace, the matter of optimal temperature in workplace, the matter of proper ventilation facilities for bad smell, harmful gas, and steam in workplace, protective facilities against insect & hot weather, the matter of installing the washing/cleaning/sterilizing facilities inside workplace, the state of cleanness in workplace, and etc.
  • 3Manufacturing facilities : The matter of installing the proper manufacturing facilities, the propriety of equipment/management of facility management register, and etc.
  • 4Procurement/management of raw materials : Method & verification of procurement of Korean raw materials, the propriety of warehousing/management of raw materials, and etc.
  • 5Major process management : The matter of establishing/executing the manufacturing work standard, the matter of testing the relevant standard & quality standard for final products, the matter of executing the quality control work through professional manpower in the relevant field, the propriety of warehousing/release management for maintaining the quality level of final products, and etc.
  • 6Water management : Quality of water, water-supply facilities, the matter of proper water quality standard according to the water source & relevant laws, and etc.
  • 7Personal hygiene : The matter of taking actions according to the result of regular health checkup of employees, the state of wearing the sanitary equipment, the current management status of outsiders’ access to workplace, and etc.
  • 8Environmental hygiene : The state of installing/operating the wastewater treatment facilities, wastewater treatment method & management, structure of toilet, installation of hygienic equipment & management, and etc.
  • 9Distribution system : The propriety of distribution equipment/method for the maintenance of quality, the matter of administrative measure & management of the item applying for the certification, the propriety of handling the nonconforming products, and etc.
  • 10Packaging & marking : The propriety of packing materials, the propriety of managing the warehousing/release of packing materials, the legality & management of marked items, and etc.