Premium traditional food certified by the government

HANVICHE is a high-class traditional food brand for export, especially and carefully selected from the products that have acquired the <traditional food quality certification> from the Korean government.

You can feel something more than taste and depth of Korean food.

You can experience the taste and dignity of premium traditional Korean food made of the best ingredients from Korea such as Kimchi, sauces, ginseng, sesame oil, and green tea.

From the table of Korean people to the table of people in the whole world

The healthy and elegant taste of Korean traditional food handed down for a long time, can be directly enjoyed in every part of the whole world including the United States.

HANVICHE’s brand story

HANVICHE means ‘fill it with Korean traditional cooking secret’ and ‘light of Korea’ at the same time.
Through HANVICHE that presents the Korean traditional taste beloved by Korean people,
could hopefully make the table of people in the world get closer to Korea.

Korean tradition that is enjoyed together with the world

The logo symbol of HANVICHE is basically composed of blue and red colors of Taegeuk mark symbolizing the Republic of Korea.

The crossed semicircular pattern in the bottom means a plate containing the neat and refined traditional food. The curved pattern in the top symbolizes the light while the sphere in the center symbolizes the earth.

HANVICHE which is the refined Korean traditional food filled with precious ingredients and great master’s secret recipe, is not just food, but shiny Korean traditional culture that is enjoyed together with the whole world.